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Adding Appraisal Notes and Images

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Adding notes and vehicle images to an appraisal can help you further document vehicle condition, needed repairs, results of vehicle history reports, and damage to the appraised vehicle. You can even attach images of pertinent documents, such as the vehicle's registration and license plate and the current owner's driver's license and insurance card. Keep notes on the vehicle, such as accidents, damage, or recent repairs done prior to trade-in. Upload photos of the vehicle and close-ups of damage. The notes and photos you add using the Appraisal screen will follow the vehicle record. The photos will not be included in the vehicle's Gallery Images but will appear below those vehicle photos in a section labeled "Appraisal #" (# represents the appraisal number) and dated with the day the appraisal was started. If you wish to add any of the photos to the Gallery Images for use in vehicle syndication once the vehicle is in inventory, you can simply drag the appropriate photos to the Gallery Images section (For more information, see the Knowledge Base article, "Moving Appraisal Images to Gallery Images.")

To add appraisal images, follow these steps:

Step 1. Start an appraisal or search for and open an in-progress appraisal from the Appraisal Search screen. 

Step 2. In the Appraisal Notes card below the Appraisal Worksheet, click Add Note/Image


Step 3. The Add Note/Image pop-up will open.


To add a note, type the note in the text box. 

To add an image, click the Image icon above the upper-right corner of the text box. Select the image using the Open dialogue box. Click Open in the Open dialogue box to upload the image. The image name will appear above the text box. 


Important:  When adding an image, you must also add a note to identify the image. Hovering over the red alert icon will inform you that entering something in the text box is necessary. 

Step 4. Click Save and Close

Step 5. Repeat Steps 2 through 4 to add additional images or notes. The notes and images will be listed in the Appraisal Notes card.  


Step 6. To view the images you've uploaded, return to the Appraisal Search screen and click on the appraisal to open the appraisal quick look card. The first image you uploaded to the Appraisal Notes card will be featured on the card. You can use the left and right arrow buttons to scroll through images if you've uploaded more than one. 


Step 7. To view the full-size images, click View Vehicle. The vehicle record will open; however, the vehicle featured image box will be empty if the vehicle is not part of your inventory. 


Step 8. Click the Image Management icon below the featured image box. The appraisal images will be under the Appraisal header separate from the Gallery Images section. The Appraisal heading will also include the appraisal number and date the appraisal was begun. 


Note:  Once a vehicle is added to inventory, you can move the images from the Appraisal section of the Vehicle Images modal to the Gallery Images section by dragging and dropping the images. Gallery Images are shared with vehicle syndication websites, so only move those photos that you wish potential buyers to see. 


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