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Recalling Bookouts

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After you've performed a vehicle bookout or desking bookout, you can recall the bookout information in the vehicle record for review with a buyer or submission to a lender. 

Step 1. On the Vehicle Search screen, search for and select the vehicle.

Step 2. The vehicle's quick look card will open. Click View Vehicle to open the vehicle record. 


Step 3. Click the Appraisal/Bookout button below the Vehicle Summary card to open the vehicle record's Appraisal/Bookout page. The page will list all appraisals, bookouts, and pricing review bookouts performed on the vehicle in the Appraisal/Bookout History list. The items will be listed by date, type, and odometer reading. Desking bookouts will include the retail value of the vehicle. Pricing review bookouts will list both wholesale and retail values.


Step 4. To view an item in the list, click the View icon in the View column. The bookout modal will open, populated with the information from the specific bookout.


Step 5. The bookout information is review only. You can click the Details button in a book provider card to view the detailed justification for the values. Use the tabs at the top of the card to view the various types of values (Trade-In, Wholesale, Lending/Loan, Retail) and conditions. When you're done, click Close to return to the bookout record.


You can also click the Print icon in the upper-right corner of the provider card to open a print modal, select a value and vehicle condition, and click Print. The bookout sheet will open in a new browser tab, where you can view and print it for review with a buyer. 


Step 6. When you're done with the bookout record, click the gray X at the upper-right corner of the bookout modal. 


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