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Saving a Vehicle Description as a New Template from a Vehicle Record

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As part of the Inventory Management product, you can easily create and apply vehicle description templates. These templates will help you efficiently market your vehicles online by easily attaching detailed, attention-grabbing descriptions without having to type a new description for each vehicle in your inventory.

Vehicle Description Templates are created in the Vehicle section of the Setup application. However, once templates have been created, you can modify them while applying them to a vehicle record. You can then save the edited description as a new template for use on other vehicle records. Adding templates on the fly saves you time, allowing you to build templates without leaving a vehicle record or the Vehicle application. 

To save a vehicle description as a new template directly from a vehicle record, follow these steps:

Step 1. Search for and open the vehicle to which you want to add the description template. 

Step 2. While on the Overview page of the vehicle record, scroll to the Details card.

Step 3. To the right of the Vehicle Description/Comments field's label, click the Load Templates button. 


Step 4. The Vehicle Description pop-up will open. If a default template has been set, it will auto-populate the Description field, and the template name will display in the Select Template field. 


To choose a different template, click the Select Template field. Select the appropriate template from the menu that opens.  


Step 5. To edit the description, click in the Description field and make any necessary changes.

Step 6. Click Save As New Template. The Save as New Template pop-up will open.


Step 7. Type a name for the new template in the Template Name field. 

Step 8. Click Save as New Template. That template will now appear in the Select Template menu when adding vehicle descriptions to other vehicle records. 

Step 9. The Vehicle Description/Comments field on the Overview page will now display the new template you just created. 


Click Save at the lower-right corner of the screen to save the changes to the vehicle record. 


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