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Cropping and Rotating Vehicle Images

Autosoft -

To best showcase your vehicles for digital merchandising, you may need to crop and rotate vehicle photos. Autosoft makes this simple as part of our Inventory Managment product. Autosoft recommends cropping and rotating any images prior to adding vehicle image overlays to prevent distortion or removal of the overlay as the underlying image is cropped or rotated.

Step 1. Open the vehicle record for which you'd like to adjust the images.

Step 2. Click the Vehicle Image Management Icon centered below the featured vehicle image on the Vehicle Summary Card.


The Vehicle Images pop-up will open. If you haven't added vehicle images, add them now (See "Adding Vehicle Images" for step-by-step directions). If you've already uploaded images, the images will appear under the Gallery Images heading. 

Step 3. Once vehicle images have been uploaded, to crop or rotate an image or images, click to select the images you want to crop or rotate and click the Edit Images button in the lower-right corner of the pop-up. If you don’t select individual images, all the images will be accessible to you in the Edit Images view by clicking the gray left and right arrows.


Step 4. The Edit Images view will open, displaying the featured vehicle. Use the gray arrow button to the right of the image to advance to the image you wish to edit. 


Step 5. Once the image you wish to edit is displayed, you can crop or rotate the image using the Crop and Rotate buttons to the lower-left of the image. 

To Crop:  

  • Click the Crop button. The cropping box will appear on top of the image.


  • Drag the corners of the box to the size and position you desire.


  • Click the green checkmark button to commit the change. The image will be cropped and an Undo icon will appear. If you want to reverse the crop you just performed, click the Undo icon to reverse the crop you've just performed.


To Rotate:  

  • Click the Rotate button. The image will be rotated 90 degrees clockwise each time you click the button.


  • Click the button until the image is oriented the way you would like.


Step 6. When you're done manipulating the images, click the Back to Thumbnails button. 


The images will appear as you cropped or rotated them. 

Step 7. When you're done adjusting the vehicle images, click Close to return to the vehicle record.


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