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Removing Overlays from Vehicle Images

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Once you've added overlays to inventory vehicle images for digital merchandising purposes, you can easily remove those overlays from the images if they are no longer relevant or you wish to apply a different overlay that is more timely. This allows you to keep your digital marketing fresh and increase the chances that your vehicles will be noticed.

Note:  Vehicle overlays are part of the Digital Merchandising tools available in Autosoft's Inventory Management product. You must have a subscription to Inventory Management to utilize this functionality. Custom overlay packages are available through and can also be requested from the Image Overlays page of the Vehicle section of the Setup application. 

Step 1. On the Vehicle Search screen, do a quick or advanced search for the vehicle to which you'd like to add an overlay or watermark. You can also scroll through the Vehicle Search list to locate the vehicle.

Step 2. From the Vehicle Search list, click on the vehicle. The vehicle's quick-look card will open, displaying the key vehicle information and the featured vehicle image. If an overlay has been applied to the vehicle image, it will be visible here. 


Step 3. Click View Vehicle. The vehicle record will open to the Overview page. At the top of the vehicle record, the vehicle summary card will display the basic vehicle information, as well as the featured vehicle image.  


Step 4. The Image Management Icon on the vehicle summary card allows you to manage vehicle images. Click on the Image Management Icon centered below the vehicle image. 


Step 5. The vehicle images pop-up will open, displaying the vehicle images that have been uploaded for the vehicle. Any applied overlays will appear on the vehicle images. 


Step 6. You can remove overlays on an image-by-image basis or from all the vehicle's images at once.

To remove an overlay from a single image, click the overlay checkbox below the vehicle image to select the image. 


To remove overlays (even differing ones) from all the vehicle's images, click to check the Select All checkbox to the left of the Select Overlay field. The Overlay checkbox below each of the vehicle images will be checked.


Step 7. Use the Select Overlay menu to select No Overlay.


Step 8. Click the Apply button in the upper-right corner of the pop-up to remove the overlay or overlays. The overlay/s will be removed from the image/s you selected.


Step 9. Click Edit Images to preview full-size vehicle images, or click Close to close the pop-up and return to the vehicle record. 


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