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Deleting a Vehicle Description Template

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If a vehicle description template is no longer useful to your dealership and will not be useful at any point in the future, instead of marking the template as "Inactive," you can delete the template. The template will be permanently removed from your system, but any vehicle descriptions previously created using the template will be unaffected. 

Note:  Vehicle description templates are part of the Inventory Management product. To use it, you must have a subscription.

Step 1. Click the Setup Application button in the left navigation panel. The Dealership Information screen will open.

Step 2. Click the Vehicle button above the Dealership Summary Card. A drop-down menu of options will open.


Step 3. Select Description Templates from the menu. The Description Templates screen will open.

Step 4. Scroll through the Vehicle Description Templates list to find the template you would like to delete, or use the Search field to enter a search term and click Search to limit the list. If you cannot locate the template, click the Show Inactive toggle in the lower-right corner of the screen to include all inactive templates. Click on the template you wish to delete. 

Step 5. A quick-look card will open, displaying the template name and description. To open the template, click View Template

Step 6. Click Delete. The system will ask if you're sure you want to delete the template. Click Delete again. The template will be deleted from your system, but any vehicle descriptions built from the template will not be affected. 


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