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Creating Vehicle Description Templates

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Vehicle description templates can be used to expedite the creation of vehicle descriptions when adding a vehicle to inventory and listing it online. These templates can be made as general or specific as you like to best market the vehicle.

The templates you create on the Descriptions Templates screen in the Setup application can be pulled to the Vehicle Description/Comments field of a vehicle record's Overview page by clicking the Load Templates button. 

Note:  Vehicle description templates are part of the Inventory Management product. To use it, you must have a subscription.

To create a vehicle description template, follow these steps:

Step 1. Click the Setup Application button in the left navigation panel. The Dealership Information screen will open.

Step 2. Click the Vehicle button above the Dealership Summary Card. A drop-down menu of options will open.


Step 3. Select Description Templates from the menu. The Description Templates screen will open.

Step 4. Click the New Template button in the upper-right corner of the screen. The Vehicle Description Template pop-up will open. 


Step 5. In the pop-up, type an easily identifiable name for the template in Template Name.

Step 6. If you have created other templates, use the Copy From drop-down menu to select an existing template you wish to use as the base for your new template. The existing description will display in the Description box below, where you can edit it. 

Step 7. The toggle in the upper-right corner of the pop-up will display "Active." Do not change this setting when adding new templates. Edit the description as necessary for the new template. 

Step 8. If you wish to use this new template as your default template, click the Default Template toggle to Yes

Step 9. Use the Description box to type a vehicle description. If you selected to build the new template from a copy of an existing template (in Step 6), the box will be populated by the base template description. In this case, edit the description as necessary. 

Step 10. Click Save and Close. The new description template will be added to the Vehicle Description Templates list. 


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