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Editing Appraisal Defaults

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Once you've created appraisal defaults, you can easily edit them to accommodate any pricing adjustments or changes in book providers. 

Note:  Appraisals are part of Autosoft's Inventory Management product. You must have a subscription to use this product.

Step 1. Click the Setup Application button in the left navigation panel. The Dealership Information screen will open.

Step 2. Click the Vehicle button above the Dealership Summary Card. A drop-down menu of options will open.


Step 3. Select Appraisals from the menu. The Appraisals setup screen will open, displaying your existing defaults. 


Step 4. If your Reconditioning field isn't itemized, you can simply click in the field and type a new dollar amount. If the dollar amount in this field is gray and you can't click into the field to edit it, your defaults include an itemized Reconditioning default.


Click the pop-out icon to the right of the Reconditioning label to open the pop-up and edit the itemized list. 


Edit the reconditioning services as necessary. When you click Save and Close, this dollar amount will automatically appear in the Reconditioning line's Appraisal field. 

Step 5. Click in the Certification fields to edit the Appraisal cost and Retail pricing for certification.

Step 6. As needed, edit the dollar figures that are factored into appraisals for Transportation and Auction

Step 7. The Other fields work like those for Reconditioning. To edit the Other line's Appraisal and Retail fields for any other services or products you regularly provide on vehicles you are adding to your inventory, click in the fields and type a new dollar amount if a general figure has been entered for each.

If the figures in the fields are gray, the Other default is itemized, and you must click the pop-out icon to open the Appraisal Adjustment Defaults pop-up to the Other tab.


Edit the "other" services and products as necessary and click Save and Close. The total appraisal and retail dollar amounts will automatically populate the Other line's Appraisal and Retail fields. 

Step 8. Edit the Disposition field to change the default disposition for the sale of appraisal vehicles. Click the field and select Wholesale or Retail. You can change this setting as needed while performing appraisals. 

Step 9. You can edit the Acquisition Type field to change the default acquisition type for appraisals. Click the field and select from Purchase or Trade-In. You can change this setting as needed while performing appraisals.

Step 10. Use the Book Providers card to re-arrange the book providers you use for book value.


Click on the three horizontal lines to the left of a book provider's order number and drag the provider to the position you would like it to appear in the Appraisal Worksheet. The providers with odd numbers will be on the left of the Appraisal Worksheet while those with even numbers will be located to their right. So the provider in the first position will be the upper-left provider, the second will be the upper-right, third lower-left, and fourth lower-right. 

Step 11. Click Save. A green "Success" message will verify that the changes have been saved. You can return to edit these defaults at any time. 


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