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Adding Auctions

Autosoft -

You can establish a list of auctions from which you regularly purchase vehicles into your inventory and/or whose websites you typically consult during an appraisal. These auctions will then be available to choose from when adding a vehicle to your inventory, and their web links will be accessible when completing an appraisal. 

Note:  This setup is available only if you've purchased Autosoft's Inventory Management product.

Step 1. Click the Setup Application button in the left navigation panel. The Dealership Information screen will open.

Step 2. Click the Vehicle button above the Dealership Summary Card. A drop-down menu of options will open.


Step 3. Select Auctions from the menu. The Auctions setup page will open. 

Step 4. Click the New Auction button in the upper-right corner of the screen. 


Step 5. The Add Auctions pop-up will open. Use the Auction Name field to type the name of the auction. This field is required.


Step 6. If the auction has a website, enter the address in the Auction URL field. 

Step 7. Use the blue + button to add additional auctions. You can use the gray - button to remove auctions from the pop-up.

Step 8. When you're done adding auctions to the pop-up, click Add Auctions. The auctions you've added will populate the Auctions screen in Setup. 

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