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Adding a Vehicle to Inventory

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You can add a vehicle to your inventory directly from the Vehicle Search screen. This may be necessary in the case of dealer trade or auction purchases when time is of the essence because you have a customer ready to purchase the vehicle. The system communicates with your FLEX DMS Accounting module to ensure that the vehicle is entered into your dealership's books. 

Step 1. Click the Add Inventory button in the upper-right corner of the Vehicle Search screen.


The Add Inventory pop-up opens. 


Step 2. Enter basic vehicle information under the Add Inventory card at the top of the pop-up. Begin by entering a Stock Number for the vehicle using your dealership's stock numbering conventions. 

Step 3. Type the vehicle's VIN into the VIN field. To decode the VIN to perform a VIN explosion, click Decode. The Add Inventory card will populate with whatever information is available from the VIN. 

Note:  You can enter VINs that are not the standard 17-character length for older or non-automotive vehicles. An alert will inform you that you've entered an invalid VIN. You can dismiss this message and continue building the vehicle record. 

Step 4. Complete the fields that are not auto-populated, including Exterior Color and Interior Color. If you know it, enter the vehicle's mileage in the Odometer field and use the option button in the field to its right to open a drop-down menu. Select the mileage option that applies: Total Miles Unknown, Exceeds Mechanical Units, Exempt, or Actual Miles. 


Step 5. Use the fields in the Pricing card to enter the various dollar amounts associated with the vehicle, from Accounting CostMSRPInvoiceAppraised Value, and List Price, to HoldbackACV, and Internet Price. You can also enter the dollar amount spent on Dealer Prep and those associated with Open Repairs and Advertising. The amount of dealer pack on the vehicle can be entered in the Dealer Pack ($) or Dealer Pack (%) field, depending on dealership preference.  


Step 6. In the Details card, enter any additional vehicle details you may have that were not auto-populated by the VIN Decoder. Use the Fuel Type field to select the type of fuel the vehicle uses: Gasoline, Diesel, Natural Gas, Methanol, Propane, Electric, Hybrid, Flex Fuel, or Other. You can enter any necessary vehicle description or comments in the card's Vehicle Description/Comments field. 


Note:  If your dealership subscribes to the Inventory Management product, you can use vehicle description templates to easily populate the Vehicle Description/Comments field or to alter existing vehicle description templates to create a custom vehicle description or new vehicle description template. To learn more, see the Knowledge Base article "Applying a Vehicle Description Template to a Vehicle Record."

Step 7. Use the Dealer Details card to enter the other information on the vehicle vital to your dealership, including Title NumberLot LocationCar Line and SuffixStock In Date, vehicle CategoryAcquisition Type (option vary based on the acquisition sources you've created in setup, but may include Auction, Purchase, or Trade) and Acquisition SourceIn-Service Date, name of Previous OwnerInvoice Number and Invoice Date, and Order Number and Order Date


Step 8. The Include in Exports field of the Dealer Details card allows you to determine if the vehicle will be included in exports for third-party vehicle syndication. The field will default to Yes, which will include the vehicle in exports. To change this setting, click the options button in the field and select No, which will omit the vehicle from syndication exports. 

Step 9. If the vehicle has additional serial numbers associated with it for additional equipment, use the Additional Serial Numbers card to enter that information. If the vehicle has more than one additional serial number, use the blue + button on the card to enter an additional Serial Number and Description


Step 10. Click Save and View Vehicle if you wish to save the information and view the vehicle record you've created. The vehicle record will open to the Overview page, which will contain everything you've entered on the New Vehicle pop-up. 

Or if you'd like to save the information you've entered and return to the Vehicle Search screen, click Save and Continue

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