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Reactivating an Inactive Acquisition Source

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You can reactivate inactive acquisition sources easily. Inactive acquisition sources will not be displayed on the Acquisition Sources setup page unless the Show Inactive toggle is clicked. Inactive acquisition sources also will not appear as options while selecting an acquisition source during vehicle appraisal. 

Note:  Your dealership must purchase the Inventory Management premium tool to perform appraisals. 

Step 1. Click the Setup Application button in the left navigation panel. The Dealership Information screen will open.

Step 2. Click the Vehicle button above the Dealership Summary Card. A drop-down menu of options will open.


Step 3. Select Acquisition Sources from the menu. The Acquisition Sources screen will open.

Step 4. Click the Show Inactive toggle in the lower-right corner of the screen. The list of acquisition sources will now display both active and inactive sources.


Step 5. Locate the acquisition source you wish to reactive. Click the Status toggle to the right of the source, moving the toggle from Inactive to Active. When an acquisition source is active, the toggle background will be blue. 

Step 6. Click Save.


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