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Adding Vehicles to a Customer Record

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The Customer Vehicles screen provides you with access to a customer’s vehicle records. The screen lists all vehicles associated with the customer and provides details, such as year, make, model, and primary driver. The information captured in this area of the customer record is also accessible as true vehicle records in the Customer Vehicle section of the Vehicle application. You can also see a list of the vehicles associated with a customer in the Customer Summary card at the top of the screen.

You can add vehicles to the customer’s record for all vehicles owned by the customer, making adding one or more of those vehicles to a deal as a trade simple and fast. 

Step 1. While on a customer’s record, click the Vehicles button on the horizontal button bar below the customer summary card. The Customer Vehicles screen opens.

Step 2. Click the Add Vehicle button in the upper-right corner of the Vehicles screen. The Add Vehicle popup opens.


Step 3. Enter the vehicle's VIN in the VIN field. The system will automatically decode the VIN and perform a VIN explosion, auto-populating any information associated with the VIN, such as the YearMakeModelTrim, and Body. These fields are required. If the automatic VIN decode feature doesn't return these details, enter them manually.

Note:  You can enter VINs that are not the standard 17-character length for older or non-automotive vehicles. An alert will inform you that you've entered an invalid VIN. You can dismiss this message and continue building the vehicle record. 

Step 4. Use the In Service Date field's calendar feature to enter the date the vehicle was placed into active service for warranty purposes. You can also manually type this date. 

Step 5. Enter the vehicle’s mileage in the Odometer field. If the mileage is not the actual odometer mileage, use the field to the right of Odometer to select the appropriate mileage description from an options menu: Total Miles Unknown, Exceeds Mechanical Limits, Exempt. This field will default to Actual Miles otherwise. 

Step 6. Use the Details card of the pop-up to add any other vehicle information the customer can provide. The Warranty field displays the manufacturer's standard vehicle warranty terms, which may be useful when trading or servicing the vehicle.

Step 7. The Owner Details card of the pop-up allows you to enter information specifically about who owns and drives the vehicle. 

  • Use the Owner Status field's options menu to select if the customer is the current owner or previous owner.
  • Use the Primary Driver field's options menu to select the primary driver of the vehicle. If the customer is not the primary driver but has connections, the names of those connections will appear in the list. You can choose from the connections or type a new name in the empty field.  
  • If this is an active vehicle, enter the License Plate number and State in which the vehicle is registered.
  • Use the Inspection Month field to enter the month during which the vehicle is due for annual inspection, if applicable.
  • In the Cust Purchase Date field, use the calendar feature to select the date the customer purchased the vehicle or type the date directly into the field.

Step 8. Click Save and View Vehicle to open the vehicle record you just created.


Step 9. Click the Coverage button in the button bar under the vehicle summary card to add vehicle coverage information.

Step 10. In the Warranty Plan card, enter the warranty plan name and provider, description, contract number and terms, mileage, deductible, and effective and end dates.

Step 11. In the Service Plan card, enter the service plan name and provider, description, contract number and terms, mileage, deductible, and effective and end dates.

Step 12. In the Maintenance Plan card, enter the maintenance plan name and provider, description, contract number and terms, mileage, deductible, and effective and end dates.

Step 13. Click Save

Step 14. Click the Equipment button below the vehicle summary card to enter equipment. 


Step 15. Click Add Equipment. The Add Equipment pop-up will open. 


Step 16. Type a description, code, MSRP and Cost for the equipment, and click Save and Close

Step 17. Repeat steps 15 and 16 for each piece of equipment you wish to add to the customer vehicle record. 





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