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Setting Role-Based Permissions

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The Security section of the Setup application allows you to set user permissions for the various system applications. Here, you can set general access and restrictions based on role groups. You can then use the Roles option in the Security menu to tailor individual users' access based on their specific requirements. (See the Knowledge Base article, "Setting Individual Employee Permissions," for complete directions on tailoring role-based permissions to individual users. 

To use the Security section, follow these steps:

Note:  Only users with the permissions to access the Setup module and the Setup Security page can manage permissions. 

Step 1. Click the Setup application button in the main navigation bar. The Setup app will open to the Dealership Information screen.

Step 2. Click the Security button in the horizontal button bar above the Dealership Summary Card. The Security setup options menu will open. 


Step 3. Select the application permissions you want to establish. You may want to work through the menu option by option to ensure you cover permissions for every application and feature of the system. When you select an option, the respective screen will open. (Displaying the Customer Permissions screen below as an example)

Step 4. On the Customer, Dashboard, General, Sales, Setup/Admin, and Vehicle permissions screens, you can compare up to five roles at once. Select the roles you want to compare from the Select Roles menu. When you select a role, it will populate a column in the table, displaying the areas that are accessible for the users of that role, as well as individual permissions within that area of the application.  

The toggles allow you to completely restrict access to a portion of the app, while the checkboxes can be used to grant permission--or restrict user access--to individual features. Toggles can be clicked on and off. When the toggle's background is blue like above, the access is turned on. When the toggle is gray, it's off. If a box has a check in it, the feature or operation is permitted. If the box is empty, it is not permitted for that role's users. Click in the box to check it or clear the check.  

Step 5. When you move away from the screen or open another permissions option, the changes you made to this page will be saved. 

Step 6. Continue adjusting the permissions for each option in the Security menu. 

While most of the permissions items are fairly straight forward, a few are worth pointing out:

General Permissions

  • Access Mobile Application: Assign this permission to any user who you wish to be able to use the Autosoft mobile app on their smartphone. 
  • Remote Access: If you want the user to have access to the Autosoft system from outside of the dealership, give the user this permission.

Dashboard Permissions

  • Marketplace: Use the Purchase Solutions and Request Solutions options in this category to allow users to make in-app purchases and users who don't have access to make in-app purchases to make requests for solutions, respectively. Purchase Solutions-enabled users can view the number of requests made from Request Solutions-enabled users and who made the requests. They can also clear the requests.

Sales Permissions

  • Desking: Turn on this toggle to allow the user to access the Desking screen. Check the Edit and Delete Notes option box under Desking to allow the user to edit and delete notes and activities from deal records. 
  • Deals Integrations: Turn this toggle on to allow the user to access third-party integrations while working a deal. 
  • View Other Employee Deals: Check this box if you want users in this role to be able to view other employees' deals.
  • Integrations: This toggle allows access to the Integrations option in the menu that opens when the user hovers over the Sales App button in the main navigation bar. The screen contains a record of deal transactions with third-party partners and allows the user to download files. 
  • Recap: Use this toggle to allow a user role to view the Recap page of deals. Check the Gross and Commission boxes to determine if a user role can view the Recap page's gross and commission information. 
  • Unlock Deal: Check this box to allow a user role to unlock locked deals. Your dealership must have the Multiple Users Can Access Same Deal toggle on the System Setup's Settings page set to No to lock in-use deals so only one user at a time can access them. 
Important:  If you have a user who performs as system administrator, you may wish to assign them the Unlock Deal permission. However, it is strongly suggested that you assign this permission carefully and sparingly. 

Customer Permissions

  • Click Social Media Links: This permission allows a user to click the social media links created in the lower-right corner of a customer's Customer Summary Card when the customer's record is linked to their public social media accounts through the Social Media Connector. 
  • Connect to Social Media: When this permission is enabled, the user will be able to link a customer record to the customer's public social media accounts to pull in information and images from those accounts.
  • View Social Security Number: This permission allows the user to view customers' social security numbers on the Detail page of customer records. When this permission is enabled, the user can click into the masked SSN field and reveal the number. After one minute or when the user navigates away from the screen, the social security number will again be masked. If you do not enable this permission, once the user enters the customer's social security number, they won't be able to view it again.

Vehicle Permissions

  • View Stock In Date: Check this box to allow a role group to view aging information in vehicle records. 
  • Export Search Results: Check this box to allow a role group to export a vehicle search results list as a CSV file for opening and editing in Microsoft Excel. 
  • Vehicle Bookout: This option is available to dealerships employing Autosoft's Bookout and Inventory Management products. Check this box to grant access to the appropriate user role/s. 
  • Pricing Review: This option is available to dealerships employing Autosoft's Inventory Management package. Check this box to grant access to Inventory Pricing Review functions to the appropriate user roles.
  • Appraisals: This option is available to dealerships employing Autosoft Inventory Management package. Turn this toggle on to allow a user role to access the Appraisals area of the Vehicle application. Use the individual options within the Appraisals category to grant or limit access to the various appraisal functions: Edit In Progress Appraisal, Edit and Delete Notes, Create Appraisals, Delete Completed Appraisal

Setup Permissions

  • Setup Module: Use this toggle to grant or deny users access to the Setup app entirely.


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