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Setting Your User Preferences

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The Preferences page of your user profile allows you to set defaults that will be used when creating deals. You can also make some choices about your deal display and how the form printing process will work. 

Step 1. Hover over the Dashboard application button in the main navigation bar and select ProfileYour user profile will open to the Detail page. 

Note:  You can also access your user preferences by clicking your user icon in the upper-right corner of the main navigation frame. This will open a drop-down menu where you can select Preferences

Step 2. Select Preferences from the horizontal button bar below your Profile Summary Card. The Preferences page of your user profile will open


Step 4. In the General card, use the toggles to select whether you would like to use the Autosave feature and choose your default search fields (search or filter) on the Customer Search and Vehicle Search screens. 

Step 5. Use the Customer Search Filters toggle to determine the default search method for the Customer Search screen. Click the toggle to Yes if you want the page to default to the simple search option with a Search field and Search button. Click the toggle to No if you would like the Customer Search screen to default to the advanced search fields. Once the default is set, you can still select the other search option in the upper-right corner of the Customer Search screen if necessary. 

Step 6. Use the Default Vehicle Search toggle to determine the default search method for the Vehicle Search screen. Click the toggle to Quick Search to default the Vehicle Search screen's search feature to the quick option with a simple search field. Click the toggle to Advanced Search to default the Vehicle Search screen's search feature to the advanced filtering fields. Once the default is set, you can still select the other search option on the Vehicle Search screen by simply clicking the corresponding button on the Vehicle Search screen. 

Step 7. The Sales card contains options for your Deal TypeDefault StoreSales Manager, and Finance Manager defaults when establishing deals. Use the drop-down menus to select the options that are most appropriate for you. 

Step 8. Use the Show Gross on Desking to determine if the deal gross amount will be displayed when working in the Sales app. You can override this default directly in a deal on a case-by-case basis. 

Step 9. Use the Show Form Preview toggles to determine if previews will automatically display prior to printing any deal forms. Once you've set this default, you can still make the choice to view or not view a preview on a case-by-case basis on the Forms page. 

Step 10. The Show Detail on Recap toggle will allow you to determine if the Recap page of deals will automatically display details. Click the toggle to Yes to default the Recap page to show details or No to default the page to a simplified view. Selecting No would require you to click the View Detail toggle on the Recap page to display the deal details. 

Step 11. Use the Default Form Type toggle to determine the default form type that will display on the Forms page of deals. Select Deal to automatically display deal forms on the Forms page of deals or Prospect to display prospect forms on the Forms page. After you've set this parameter, you can still change the forms available on an individual deal's Forms page by clicking the Type field's options caret and using the drop-down menu to select either Deal Forms or Prospect Forms

Step 12. Use the Update Purchase Date Alert toggle to control whether an alert is triggered when you open a deal with a "Working" status in which the Purchase Date and current date do not match. Clicking the toggle to Yes ensures you will be warned upon opening a deal with this scenario. You will not be warned if you select No (the default setting) on the Update Purchase Date Alert toggle. 

Step 13. Click Save to save and apply any changes you make. 

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