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Setting Up CARFAX Unlimited Integration

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Note:  To set up CARFAX Unlimited integration in your system, you must first establish a CARFAX Unlimited account with CARFAX. Contact CARFAX at 888.788.7715 or to create an account.

To enable Autosoft integration with your CARFAX Unlimited account, follow these steps:

Step 1. Click the CARFAX button in the Vehicle Summary Card on any vehicle screen. The system will automatically navigate you to the Dealership Integrations page in Setup.


Alternately, you can manually navigate to the Dealership Integrations tab by clicking Setup, which will open the Dealership Information page. Click the Integrations button to navigate to the Dealership Integrations page of Setup.

Step 2. Double-click the CARFAX row in the Dealership Integrations list.

Step 3. Type your CARFAX Unlimited Username and Password in the corresponding fields and ensure the CARFAX UNLIMITED INTEGRATION checkbox is checked.


Step 4. Click Save and Close.

The CARFAX button in all vehicle screens will now be active. Clicking on the CARFAX button will launch the CARFAX Unlimited report in a new browser tab.


Controlling Employee Access to CARFAX Unlimited

You can restrict or allow an employee's access to the CARFAX button within the Vehicle Summary Card of any vehicle record.  

Step 1. Click the Setup button in the left navigation bar.

Step 2. In the button bar above the Dealership Summary Card, click Employees.

Step 3. Select an employee from the Employee Search list by double-clicking on the employee. The employee's record will open. 

Step 4. Click the Permissions button in the button bar below the Employee Summary Card. 

Step 5. Locate the Vehicle History Reports permission within the DMSVehicle category. Click to check or uncheck the box. When the box is checked, the CARFAX Unlimited button in the vehicle records will be accessible to the employee.

Step 6. Click Save to save the changes.



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