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April 17, 2017 Release

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Sales Changes made to Deal Snapshot widget
Benefit:  Get more information in the widget about your closed deals with a single glance
Details: The Deal Snapshot widget on your dashboard has been modified to include more closed deal data. Now, instead of dynamically reflecting your deal search criteria, the widget will be updated as deals are closed. It now provides you with the number of vehicles sold; percentage of cash deals; the finance and lease penetration; and your average deal front and back option gross dollar amounts and total front, back, and overall gross dollar amounts.  


Sales and Vehicle Collapse widgets on Sales Search and Vehicle Search screens
Benefit:  See more of your Sales and Vehicle search results without having to scroll.
Details: The Sales Search and Vehicle Search screens now feature a blue caret in the upper-left corner of the screen that allows you to hide or view the screen's widgets or graphs. Click the upward-pointing caret to collapse the graphs and the downward-pointing caret to display them.

widgets_displayed.JPGClick upward-pointing caret to collapse graphs

Click downward-pointing caret to display graphs


Dashboard Vehicle Sales widget excludes wholesale deals
Benefit:  See how many vehicles you've sold month-by-month in the latest 13-month period without wholesale deals skewing the numbers. 
Details: The Vehicle Sales widget on your dashboard has been updated to exclude wholesale deals. This widget will represent only cash, retail, lease, and balloon retailed deals. We've also increased the month-by-month bar graph to include a 13th month bar so you compare your current month with the same month of the previous year.  



Sales Phone number-based search added
Benefit:  More ways to search for deals allows you to recall deals more quickly. 
Details:  You can now type a phone number in the Search field on the Deal Search screen and click Search. The system will return all deals with that phone number associated. 

Please note:  When searching using a phone number, do not use punctuation (symbols) in the phone number. Rather than typing (555)555-1234, type 5555551234 in the Search field. 


VIN Decode

System-wide VIN Decode done automatically
Benefit:  Eliminate a click and automatically trigger the VIN explosion when you enter a valid VIN. 
Details:  The system has been updated to automatically trigger a VIN decode when you enter a valid VIN in any of the VIN fields throughout the system (Customer Vehicle, Add Vehicle, Vehicle Overview, Sales Vehicle Overview, and Vehicle Trade pages). 

The Decode button next to the VIN field is still operational and allows you to update the vehicle information if necessary.  

Users with access to the Dealership Settings page of the Setup application can turn this feature on and off using the Automatic VIN Decode toggle. 



User Preferences Show Detail user preference added
Save time and clicks by customizing your Deal Recap display. 
We've added a parameter to the Sales card of your user profile Preferences screen that will allow you to determine how the Recap page of deals will display. Click the Show Detail on Recap toggle to Yes (highlighted in blue) to default the Recap page to display details. To default the Recap page to the simplified view, click the Show Detail on Recap toggle to No (highlighted in blue). 

After you've set this parameter, you can still change the view directly on the Recap page of a deal by clicking the View Detail toggle in the upper-right corner of the page. 

User Preferences Default Form Type user preference added
More quickly access the forms you need. 
A Default Form Type parameter has been added to the Sales card of your user profile Preferences screen. Use this toggle to select whether deal or prospect forms display by default on the Forms page of deals. Click the toggle to Deal to automatically display deal forms or Prospect to display prospect forms. 

After you've set this parameter, you can still change the forms available to you on the Forms page of a deal by clicking the Type field's option button and using the drop-down menu to select either Deal Forms or Prospect Forms. 



Search Clear and Default buttons moved
Benefit: Clearly spot the buttons that will allow you to clear search criteria or reset search defaults.
We've relocated the Clear and Default buttons from the upper-right corner of the Sales Search screen. Now, the buttons are located to the immediate right of the Search field and button.  

Deals "Record In Use" alert system added
Benefit: Know when others are working in the same deal and avoid any potential conflicts.
Details:  Autosoft previously added an In Use column to the Deal Search screen to alert you when another user had a deal open. With this latest update, we've improved on the "in use" alert system.

When you attempt to open the deal, a pop-up will alert you that the deal is currently in use by the named user/s and will warn you that any changes you make may conflict with the other user or users' changes. Click Continue to proceed or Cancel to halt entering the deal. If you proceed, the system will alert the other user/s currently accessing the deal that you also are currently accessing the deal. 

If another user is accessing a customer record, vehicle record, or customer vehicle associated with the deal in which you're working, you will be alerted via banner message. You will also be warned on the Forms page of a deal if other users may be editing record information that may make your printed record inaccurate.

When multiple users are simultaneously in a deal, editing Desking screen values, if one of the users saves his or her changes, the other user/s must refresh the deal, losing any unsaved changes he or she may have made to the deal.

We've also increased the size of the yellow alert symbol that appears next to the deal number in the upper-left corner of the Deal Summary Card. When you hover over the yellow alert symbol, the system will alert you to which user is viewing the deal.  

Desking Note alert added
Benefit:  Easily identify if and how many notes have been made in a deal record so you're sure you don't miss something important. 
Details:  If a note has been added to a deal, you'll see a red badge in the upper-right corner of the Notes button on the deal's Desking page. The badge will notify you of the number of notes recorded for the deal. Click Notes to view the Notes & Activity pop-up for the deal. 


Desking Auto-advance fields added
Benefit:  Save clicks as you build deals.
Details:  Now, when you click in the Name field to add a front option or the Type field to add a back option, or when you advance from the Adjustment field to the Amount field for either front or back option adjustments on the Recap page of a deal, a new item line automatically appears below the line in which you're currently working.

Scenarios MSRP field added
Benefit:  Now you can build out lease and balloon deals on the fly without assigning a vehicle to the deal.
Details:  An MSRP field has been added to the Pricing portion of Scenarios. This will allow you to build out scenarios for lease and balloon deals without having to assign a vehicle to a deal. Simply type an MSRP and work from there. 

Trade Remove Trade button added
Easily remove a trade vehicle from a deal with a single click. 
A Remove Trade button has been added to the lower-left corner of the trade vehicle pop-up record, accessible from the View Trade button on the quick look card. 

Simply click the Remove Trade button, and the trade will be removed from the deal. 

Forms Additional Print Forms button added to bottom of page
Benefit:  If you're printing a form at the bottom of the Forms page, you can now access the Print Forms button without having to scroll back to the top of the page.
Details:   We've added a Print Forms button to the bottom-right corner of the Forms page of deals for ease of use. The button mirrors the original Print Forms button, which we've maintained, in the upper-right corner of the screen. 

Menu Selling Print button accessible prior to applying an option to the deal
Benefit:  Save time by printing a Menu package for review prior to applying it to the deal.
Details:  The Menu Selling premium feature has been modified to make the Print button on menu packages accessible before a package has been applied to the deal. This will allow you to print a menu package for review with the customer without first having to apply the package to the deal.  


Other Updates

  • We've adjusted the color contrast on the screen to allow for easier reading of fields and differentiation of screens' sections. 
  • The tabbing functionality throughout the system has been improved to save you some clicks of the TAB button and better order the tabbing path on entry screens. We've also made the highlight for the current field more pronounced to help you locate which field you've tabbed into.
  • Updates have been made to automatically focus your cursor in the Search field when you initially load the Customer or Vehicle application. 
  • The blur feature that was used when recalculating values on the Recap page has been removed.


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