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Setup Application

Autosoft -

Use the links below to learn how to use the Setup Application within the Autosoft system. You can also search the Knowledge Base using specific search terms to limit the articles to only those pertaining to your search or the task at hand.

Logging In and Managing Your Password

Logging in to the Program for the First Time

Resetting Your Password

Dealership Setup

Verifying Your Dealership Information

Adding a Store to Your Account

Editing Store Information

Making a Store Inactive

Reactivating an Inactive Store

Dealership-Wide Settings

Setting Dealership-Wide Settings

Dealership Security

Setting Dealership Security


Using the Dealership Integrations Page

Verifying 700 Credit Setup

Verifying CUDL Integration Setup

Verifying RouteOne Integration Setup

Verifying the CVR Integration

Verifying TriVIN Integration Setup

Employee Setup

Adding an Employee to the System

Viewing and Editing an Employee Record

Resetting an Employee's Password

Locking an Employee Account

Unlocking an Employee Account

Disabling an Employee Account

Enabling Disabled Employee Accounts

Changing an Employee's Username and Account Email

Setting Individual Employee Permissions

Reassigning Deals from One Employee to Another

Setting an Employee's Commissioning Rates

Sales Setup


Adding Banks

Viewing and Editing Bank Information

Marking a Bank Inactive

Reactivating an Inactive Bank 


Setting Up Commissions

Editing Commission Defaults

Coverage Providers

Adding Coverage Providers

Adding Coverage Plans

Editing Coverage Plans

Credit Insurance

Adding a Credit Insurance Plan

Editing Credit Insurance Plans

Deal Defaults

Setting Deal Defaults

Deleted Deals

Deleting or Restoring Deals


Using the Sequence Number Export Utility


Rearranging and Renaming Forms
Creating User-Defined Forms Menus

Loss Reasons

Adding Loss Reasons

Flagging a Loss Reason as Inactive

Menu Selling

Setting Up Menu Selling

Customizing Menu Selling Disclosures

Creating a Menu Selling Template

Editing or Removing Menu Selling Templates

Options: Back and Front

Adding Back Options to Sales Setup

Adding Front Options to Sales Setup

Editing Front and Back Options in Sales Setup

Sales Tools

Setting Up Sales Tools


Adding Sources

Editing Sources

Taxes & Fees

Adding State Taxes and Fees

Removing a State from Your Taxes & Fees Setup

Trade Lien Holders

Adding Trade Lien Holders

Editing Trade Lien Holders

Vehicle Insurance Agents

Adding Vehicle Insurance Agents

Editing Vehicle Insurance Agents

Vehicle Insurance Companies

Adding Vehicle Insurance Companies

Editing a Vehicle Insurance Company

Security Setup

Setting Role-Based Permissions

Adding a Role

Managing Roles

Setting Individual Employee Permissions



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