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Using Quick Actions

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The Quick Actions feature in the Favorites Menu allows you to start a deal, create a customer, or add a vehicle to inventory from anywhere in the system. If you're working in the Sales app and get a call from a friend--kwho isn't an existing customer--who wants to come in and test drive a vehicle, you can easily create a customer record and quickly return to the deal you're working.

To use the Quick Actions feature, follow these steps:

Step 1. From any page in the system, click the Favorites star icon in upper-right corner of the main navigation frame. The Favorites Menu will open. 

Step 2. At the top of the Favorites Menu, you'll find the Quick Actions area. 

You can engage the quick actions in two ways. In the first method, click the quick action's corresponding blue and gray pop-over icon in the right column of the menu. This will open a new tab, where, depending on which quick action you selected, the Deal Information, New Customer, or Add Vehicle pop-up will open. 

For the second method, you click the quick action label or icon in the left column of the menu instead of its pop-over icon. This will navigate you away from the page where you're currently working. You'll be taken to the Search screen in the corresponding application (Sales for New Deal, Customer for New Customer, or Vehicle for Add Vehicle), where the pop-up will open to allow you to perform the activity. 

Step 3. Enter the information into the pop-up and click Save or Save and Continue (depending on the quick action you're performing). 


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