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Viewing and Editing the Selling Vehicle's Record

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Once you add a vehicle to a deal, a second horizontal button bar will open below the Vehicle Summary Card. This secondary button bar allows you to view and edit the full vehicle record without having to leave the deal and the Sales app. Just click the buttons to access the various sections of the vehicle record directly on the bottom of the Vehicle page of the deal. 

Step 1. Open the deal and click the Vehicle button on the horizontal button bar below the Deal Summary Card. The Vehicle page of the deal will open. If a vehicle has already been assigned to the deal, its Vehicle Summary card will appear below the primary horizontal button bar, and below the Vehicle Summary Card, you'll see the vehicle button bar. If a vehicle has not been assigned to the deal, select a vehicle at this point.

Step 2. The vehicle record below the Vehicle Summary Card will default to the Overview page, which contains the Vehicle Details, Pricing, Details, Dealer Details, and Additional Serial Numbers cards. If you need to make any changes to this information, simply click in the fields you need to alter and edit the information. When you're done--even if you're moving on to edit another page in the vehicle record--be sure to click Save.


Step 3. Click the Equipment button to open the Equipment page of the vehicle record. Here, you can view the equipment that's been added to the vehicle record and add equipment to the vehicle if you notice that the vehicle equipment listed isn't complete. 

Step 4. Click the Add Equipment button in the upper-right corner of the Equipment page. The Add Equipment pop-up will open.

Step 5. Enter a description, code, MSRP, and cost for the equipment. 

Step 6. Click Save and Close. The equipment will appear in the Equipment list.

Step 7. To view the vehicle's service records, click the Service History button in the secondary horizontal button bar. The Service History page of the vehicle record will open. 

Step 8. To view the Accounting records for the vehicle, click the Accounting button in the secondary button bar. The vehicle record's Accounting page will open.  


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