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Using the Dealership Integrations Page

Autosoft -

The Integrations page of your dealership profile provides you with a list of all your dealership's third-party integrations, as well as access to each of those integrations to review which integration points have been activated. 


Dealership Integrations List
The Dealership Integrations list on your dealership profile's Integrations page lists all third-party partners with which you have contracts. If you have a long list of third-party integrations, you can use the Search field to type a partner name and click Search


Integration Quick Look Card
If you click on the View icon to the right of a third-party provider in the list, a quick look card will open, displaying the third-party transactions that are activated for your dealership. 

Click the Edit Integrations button in the quick look card to open the third-party integration's pop-up, where you can verify the integration setup.


If you want to change your dealership's username or password, you can do that in the Connection card of the pop-up using the Username and Password fields. 

Important:  If you change the username or password for the integration, be sure to make note of this information. 

The information in the Transactions card of the pop-up is read-only. The boxes to the left of the transactions that have been enabled for your dealership will be checked. If you believe there is an error, contact the Autosoft Customer Support Center at 800.473.4630.  


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