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Setting Dealership Security

Autosoft -

Within the Setup application, you can establish and manage some dealership security settings, including the IP addresses that are permitted to access the system. 

Step 1. Click the Setup app button in the blue main navigation bar. The Setup app will open to the Dealership Dashboard's Information page. 

Step 2. Click the Security button below the Dealership Summary Card to open the Security page of the dealership profile. 


Step 3. In the Dealership Password Timeout field, type the number of days you wish to pass before dealership passwords must be reset. 

Step 4. Use the Permitted IP Addresses card to establish a list of IP addresses (unique strings of numbers separated by periods that identify each computer using the internet protocol to communicate over a network) for your employees' computers and devices whitelisted to access you dealership's Autosoft account. Using the whitelist allows you to limit the access to computers within a specific geographic region. If you do not enter IP addresses in this card, ANY IP can access the system. If you choose to use the Permitted IP Addresses card, you will have to add ALL approved IP addresses to the list.

Important:  The IP addresses entered in the IPs tab are whitelisted to access your Autosoft account. The list must be maintained to ensure the correct machines and users can access the application. Once one IP address is entered, ALL IP addresses requiring access MUST be added or they will not be able to use the system. However, if the dealer administrator never enters an initial IP address, all IP addresses from any geographic location can access the application.

Enter the IP address you wish to add to the whitelist to the IP Address field. Use the Description field to type a description of the address that will make it easy to recognize, such as Dealer Principal's Home Computer. This way, if you need to later remove an IP address, it will be easy to identify in the list. 

To add or remove IP addresses, click the blue + button or gray - button, respectively, to the right of the IP address. 

Tip:  If you don't want to invest the time in maintaining this IP list, it requires less maintenance to simply provide remote access to the employees you wish to have it. To do this, check the Remote Access permission field (labeled a "General" permission) on the Employee Permissions screen of each employee who should be permitted to access the system from any location. 

Step 5. Click Save to save your settings. A green "Success" message confirms the changes have been saved. 


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