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Jan. 8, 2017 Release

Autosoft -

Based on customer feedback, we’ve made some modifications and additions to Autosoft Sales and F&I to make using the system even easier and more efficient. The list that follows outlines those changes and their impact on you as a user.


Sales Open Deal in New Tab
Benefit: Open as many deals as you want in their own browser tabs so you can easily move from one deal to another as you work.
Details: We’ve added a new button  to the Deal quick look card. Clicking this button will open the selected deal in a new browser tab.

Use this button when you’re browsing through several deals in a results list and would like to open one or more of them in a new browser tab.

Sales Improved Buyer and Co-Buyer Screen
Benefit: Easily edit buyer and co-buyer information with fewer clicks.
Details: We’ve added a new drop-down menu to the Buyer button in the Sales button bar. The menu includes Buyer and Co-Buyer.

Selecting Buyer or Co-Buyer from the menu, and you will be taken directly to the respective edit screen. Clicking the Buyer button without selecting an option in the drop-down will allow you to view the existing summary cards for the buyer and co-buyer and to swap the buyers.

Sales Improved Vehicle Screen
Benefit: Quickly and simply access and edit the selling vehicle’s information.
Details: We’ve added a second button bar to the lower section of the Vehicle screen that will allow you to quickly navigate to editable sections of the selling vehicle’s record. Please note that the default section for this button bar is the Vehicle Details screen.

System-Wide Quick Actions Added to Favorites Icon
Benefit: Quickly start a new deal, create a new customer, or add a vehicle to inventory from any screen in the system by clicking the Favorites icon.
Details: We’ve added a Quick Actions section to the Favorites menu that opens when you click the Favorites star icon  in the upper-right of the main navigation frame. Click the star, then click New Deal, New Customer, or Add Vehicle under the Quick Actions header. Create the record as you normally would.

System-Wide Business Item Description Displays in Browser Tab Name
Benefit: When working among multiple browser tabs for various deals and vehicle or customer records, easily identify which tab is which deal, vehicle, or customer with a clearly named tab.
Details: We’ve added business item descriptions to the browser tabs to help you easily identify which item is which when working in several deals or records at once. Each tab will now display the Autosoft icon and a brief description. For example, a tab containing the Sales, Customer, or Vehicle Search will display Module – Search (such as Sales – Search), while a deal will display as Deal – Customer Last Name, and a vehicle will display as Vehicle – Stock Number.


Sales Addition of Deal Search Clear Button
Benefit: Quickly clear search criteria and begin a new deal search.
Details: We’ve added a button labeled Clear to the Deal Search screen.

Clicking this button will clear all filters and entered search criteria.

Use this button when you wish to view all deals or search for a specific deal that may have conflicted with your existing deal filters.

Sales Addition of Deal Search Default Button
Benefit: Quickly reset your search screen to dealership default filtering terms.
Details: We’ve added a button labeled Default to the Deal Search screen. 

Clicking this button will reset all filters and entered search criteria to return to your dealership’s default values.

Use this button to quickly reset your filtering to whatever is set as the default Last Activity Date setting in Setup > Sales > Deal Defaults (Use Deal List MTD Y/N field), as well as the system defaults for other filtering criteria.

Note: The Default button has replaced the Reset button.

Sales Addition of In Use Column
Benefit: Quickly scan the Search list to see which deals are currently being worked on and by whom.
Details: We’ve added an In Use column to the Sales Search screen to display which deals are currently being worked and by whom. If you have the appropriate permissions, you can keep track of which deals are being worked to better understand your Sales and Finance teams’ progress.

System-wide Search and Filtering Criteria Retained
Benefit: Save time when starting a new search.
Details: We’ve updated all system search screens to retain your last searched criteria. This will allow you to better control how results lists display your Deal, Customer, and Vehicle searches.

Vehicle Aging Filter and Display Column Added
Benefit: Filter your inventory based on vehicle aging to help move vehicles that have been on the lot the longest.
Details: We’ve added a new filter for Vehicle searches that will allow you to filter your inventory by vehicle aging. We’ve also added a display column in the Vehicle Search results list that displays the inventory item’s Days In Stock value.


Sales Reset Existing Scenario to Base Deal
Benefit: Update scenarios quickly and easily to reflect any changes you’ve made to the base deal.
Details: A new button labeled Reset has been added to existing scenarios you create.
Clicking the Reset button will clear the existing scenario data and load the scenario with the information currently in the base deal.

Sales Load Scenario from Base Deal
Benefit: Quickly add new scenarios populated with the information already entered in the Desking screen to work with that deal data to create the perfect scenario to meet your customer’s needs.
Details: A new option labeled Base Deal has been added to the Load Scenario drop-down menu. Selecting this option will create a new scenario from the base deal.

Payment Highlights

Sales Payment Matrix Highlight Added
Benefit: With a quick glance, you can identify the current payment without having to scroll to the bottom of the Desking screen.
Details: We’ve modified the Payment Matrix to include a green highlight that flags the current payment among the other payment options.

Sales Addition of Payment to Collapsed Deal Summary Card
Benefit: Scan a collapsed Deal Summary Card to view the deal’s payment without having to scroll to the bottom of the Desking screen.
Details: We’ve added the deal’s payment amount to the information displayed in the collapsed Deal Summary Card. Prior to this change, the payment information only displayed in the expanded card.

Miscellaneous Changes

Notifications Notification Alerts Browser Pop-Ups Added
Benefit: Real-time pop-up alerts make it clearer that you’ve received a notification in the Notifications panel.
Details: In addition to the red Collaboration Center caret and audible alert when you receive a notification on a business item you’re following, a pop-up will now appear in the lower-right corner of your browser screen. You can click on the pop-up to view the full notification or open the Notifications panel to see the activity. These pop-ups and the audible alert can be turned off/on in your Web browser settings.

Setup View Vehicle Aging Permission Added
Benefit: Control who can and cannot see a vehicle’s aging information.
Details: We’ve added a View Stock In Date permission in the Vehicle Permissions page of the Setup application. Check the box if you want to allow an employee or role group to view aging information in a vehicle record.

Sales Deal Summary Card Preference Retained
Benefit: You know how you like to use the Deal Summary Card, and now the system takes note to save you a click.
Details: We’ve modified the system to retain your last used Deal Summary Card setting. So if you last had the card collapsed, the card will be collapsed when you open the next deal. If the card was expanded, it will be expanded in the next deal you open.

Sales “Mile Adjust” Button Renamed
Benefit: Know which mileage value to enter where.
Details: We’ve renamed the Mile Adjust button that displays in the residual section for leases and balloon deal types. The button is now labeled Mileage.

This change was made to reduce confusion surrounding where program miles, adjusted mileage, and existing mileage information is entered for lease and balloon deals.

Sales Deal Disclosure Button Added to Desking Screen
Benefit: Save steps and print your Deal Disclosure directly from the Desking screen.
Details: We’ve added to the Desking screen a button that allows you to print your Deal Disclosure.

This button allows you to quickly print the Deal Disclosure form without having to first navigate to your Prospect Forms Menu.

Sales Added Years to Credit Information
Benefit: Build a more thorough credit profile for customers—with less math required—to match creditor requirements.
Details: We have added Years Worked, Years Resided, and Years Known fields to the Buyer and Co-Buyer Credit Information screens.

Sales Duplicated Vehicle Insurance Button
Benefit: Easily capture the customer’s vehicle insurance information while working within several screens.
Details: We’ve added the Vehicle Insurance button to both the Customer and Trade screens. This is in addition to the button’s original location on the Vehicle screen.

Sales Current Employer Default Added
Benefit: Save time while building a buyer or co-buyer’s employment profile for credit purposes.
Details: We’ve set the default for Current Employer to true for the first employment section in both the Buyer and Co-Buyer Information screens. Subsequent employment sections will not have this default.

This default ensures employment information is transmitted to several third-party portals.

Sales Enter Behavior Changed
Benefit: Stay in the application you’re working in until you’re ready to move on.
Details: We’ve changed the behavior of hitting ENTER when creating a new customer while adding a buyer to a deal. Previously, hitting ENTER would navigate you to the buyer’s Customer Record in the Customer application. Now, hitting ENTER simply closes the window and does not move you from the Sales app.

Sales Rebates Input Areas Expanded
Benefit: Easily view full rebate information in wider fields.
Details: We’ve expanded the fields in the Rebates card to limit any truncating of rebate names, program numbers, and certificate numbers.

Sales Coverages Input Areas Expanded
Benefit: Easily view full coverage information in wider fields.
Details: We’ve expanded the fields in the Coverages card to limit any truncating of provider and plan names, as well as contract numbers.

System-Wide Removed Smooth Scrolling
Benefit: Scroll more precisely throughout the system.
Details: We have removed the “smooth scrolling” feature, which allowed you to scroll down the page smoothly.

System-Wide Invalid VIN Validation Changed
Benefit: You can now enter vehicles with non-standard VINs, such as older or non-automotive vehicles.
Details: We have changed the validation surrounding Invalid VIN checking to allow you to enter VINs that are not 17-characters in length. Note that the system will continue to display an Invalid VIN warning.



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