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Using the CVR Integration

Autosoft -

You can use the CVR integration in the Autosoft Sales and F&I system to complete online vehicle registration for deals. Through the integration, you can download the vehicle registration information to an XML file and save it to the directory designated for CVR. CVR can then pick up the file.

To use the integration:

Step 1. Work a deal to completion. Select Mark As Sold from the Actions menu in the upper-right corner of the deal.

Step 2. When the deal is in the Sold stage, click the Integration button below the Deal Summary Card. The deal's Integration page will be open.  

Step 3. Click the options button in the Integration Organization field and select CVR. When you select CVR, the Transaction field will auto-populate with CVR Online Vehicle Registration

Step 4. Click the Download button on the right side of the screen. A green "Success" message will verify that the file has been downloaded. Next to the integration selection fields, the Status (in green) will read Sent and list the date and time stamp of the transaction, along with your name. 


The integration transaction record containing the date and time of the transaction will also display in the transactions list below the fields, and its status will read, "Sent."

The downloaded file will display at the bottom of your Web browser screen as a clickable button. 


Step 5. Click the button to open the XML file in your computer's default XML editor. 

Step 6. Click File, and select Save As.

Step 7. In the Save As dialogue, ensure the Save In location displays the CVR-designated folder. You must ensure you are saving the XML files in this location in order for CVR to pick up the files.

Step 8. Click Save


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