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Verifying the CVR Integration

Autosoft -

Autosoft Sales and F&I integrates with CVR to facilitate online vehicle registration. Autosoft’s Customer Support Center will set up the integration between your Autosoft Sales and F&I account and CVR to allow you to share information with CVR. You do not need to take any steps to set up the integration. You can, however, verify that the integration has been established. 

Note:  Only users with the appropriate permissions can access the Setup application and the Integrations page therein. 

Step 1. Click the Setup app button in the main navigation button bar. The Setup app will open to the Dealership Information page.  

Step 2. Click the Integrations button under the Dealership Summary Card. The Integrations setup page will open.


Step 3. From the Dealership Integrations list, click CVR. the CVR quick look card will open. 


Step 4. Click Edit Transactions in the quick look card. The CVR integration pop-up will open. 

Step 5. Verify that the CVR Online Vehicle Registration box is checked and click Save and Close.

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