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Submitting Deal Information to CUDL

Autosoft -

Once Autosoft’s Customer Support Center has established the integration between your dealership's Autosoft Sales and F&I application and CUDL, you will use the Integrations button in a deal to transfer the deal information to CUDL. Once the information has been transferred to CUDL, you must log in to the CUDL Website to complete and submit the application.

Step 1. Work a deal.

Step 2. Click the Integrations button below the Deal Summary Card. The Integrations page of the deal will open.

Step 3. Select CUDL from the Integration Organization options menu. Because only one CUDL product is integrated, CUDL Deal Transfer will automatically populate the Transaction field. 

Step 4. Click Send.

Step 5. A green "Success" message will verify that the information has been sent, and the Status column for the transaction in the transactions list will read “Sent,” followed by the time stamp for the transfer.

If the information contains errors, the status will read, “Rejected,” followed by the time stamp for the transfer, and the program will display an error message identifying the information that must be corrected. Correct the information and send the deal again.

Step 6. Open a new browser tab and enter the URL for the log-in page of the CUDL Website. Here, you will need to review the deal information and add any additional information required. The credit application is not complete until you finish submitting it through CUDL’s Website.


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