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Running 700 Credit OFAC and Red Flag Checks

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It is mandatory that your dealership screen every customer against the U.S. Treasury’s OFAC terrorist list and check for any identity theft red flags when pulling credit reports. Both operations require the same steps within the 700 Credit integration.

Step 1. While in a deal, click on the Integrations button below the Deal Summary Card.

Step 2. From the Integration Organization list, select 700 Credit.

Step 3. Choose 700 OFAC Check or 700 Red Flag Check from the Transactions options menu.

Step 4. In the Credit Order field, click the options button and select the buyer, co-buyer (if applicable), or Joint to request a joint report for married couples (if applicable).

Step 5. Use the Credit Check options menu to select the credit agency or agencies you would like to use. If you do not select an option, the field will default to All Orders

Step 6. Click Send. A green "Success" message will verify that the information has been transmitted.

Step 7. The returned OFAC Check or Red Flag report(s) will display in the transactions list at the bottom of the page. Click on a report in the list to view the full report.


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