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Running a Credit Check Using 700 Credit

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Running a credit check using the 700 Credit integration is simple, as 700 Credit uses the customer information you’ve already entered in the Autosoft Sales app. The integration allows you to choose one, two, or all of the three major credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion).

Step 1. While in a deal, click on the Integrations button under the Deal Summary Card. The Integrations page of the deal will open.

Step 2. From the Integration Organization list, select 700 Credit.

Step 3. Choose 700 Credit Check from the Transactions list. The field should default to this option, as it is the first option listed. 

Step 4. Use the Credit Order options menu to select the buyer, co-buyer(if applicable), or Joint to request a joint report for married couples (if applicable).

Step 5. Click the options button in the Credit Check field to open the list of credit bureaus, and select the bureau or bureaus from which you’d like to pull a report. Reports will be run from the bureaus with a blue checkmark to their left. The system will default to All Orders if not changed. 

Step 6. Click Send. A green "Success" message will verify that the request has been submitted to 700 Credit. 

Step 7. The returned credit report(s) will display at the bottom of the transactions list below. The Status column will read "Sent." Click the report in the list to view the full report.


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