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Running a Prescreen Credit Check with 700 Credit

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A prescreen credit check allows you to get an idea of a customer’s credit profile early in the sales process without obtaining their social security number or permission to pull a credit report. This allows you to have an informed conversation with the customer during the sales process.

Step 1. While in a deal, click on the Integrations button under the Deal Summary Card.

Step 2. From the Integration Organization drop-down menu, select 700 Credit.

Step 3. Choose 700 Prescreen Check from the Transactions menu.

Step 4. In the Prescreen Check box, click to select the buyer's name, co-buyer's name (if applicable), or Joint to request a joint report for married couples only.

Step 5. Click Send.

Step 6. The returned prescreen report(s) will display in the page's transactions list. Click a report to view the full report.

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