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Verifying 700 Credit Setup

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Autosoft Sales and F&I integrates with 700 Credit, which can be used to pull customers’ credit reports and follow mandatory compliance safeguards. An account must be established with 700 Credit prior to using the integration. 

Before using the 700 Credit third-party integration, you will want to verify that the integration is active and check to see which transactions are enabled in your dealership's system. 

Note:  You must have the appropriate permissions to access the Setup application and this feature therein. 

Step 1. Click the Setup application button in the main navigation bar. The Dealership Dashboard screen will open to the Information page. 

Step 2. Click the Integrations button under the Dealership Summary Card. The Integrations page will open, listing all the third-party partners with whom you contract.


Step 3. Click on 700 Credit in the Dealership Integrations list. The 700 Credit quick look card will display all the 700 Credit integration transactions activated for your dealership. 

Step 4. To see more about the 700 Credit integration, click Edit Integrations in the quick look card. The 700 Credit integrations pop-up will open. 

Step 5. The information in the Transactions card of the pop-up is read-only. The boxes to the left of the transactions that have been enabled for your dealership will be checked. If you believe there is an error, contact the Autosoft Customer Support Center at 800.473.4630. 

If you want to change your dealership's username or password, you can do that in the Connection card of the pop-up using the Username and Password fields. 

Important:  If you change the username or password for the integration, be sure to make note of this information. 

Step 6. Click Save and Close to save any changes you make. 


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