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Using the Integration Page in a Deal

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The Integration page of a deal allows you to use third-party integrations to perform various operations for the deal. The page also contains a transactions list that allows you to view the third-party transactions that have been performed for the deal.

To use the page:

Step 1. Work a deal. 

Step 2. Click the Integrations button below the Deal Summary Card. The Integrations page will open. 

Step 3. Click the options button in the Integration Organization field. A drop-down menu of third-party providers with whom you have accounts will open. 

Step 4. Select the third-party you want to use.

Step 5. If you only have access to a single product from the third-party provider, that product will automatically populate the Transaction field when you select the provider in Step 4. If the integration provides you with access to several types of transaction, click the options button in the Transaction field to open a drop-down menu of transactions offered by the third-party provider. 

Step 6. Depending on the specific transaction, additional fields may appear. Use the options button in each additional field to make a selection.

Step 7. Click the Send button. 

Any transactions that have been run will be listed on the page with a status that tells you whether the transaction has been sent or not sent. 



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