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Understanding the Trade Page of a Deal

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The Trade page of a deal allows you to add trades to the deal, view the trade information, and assess the impact of the trade vehicle/s on the deal. The page is comprised of two cards: the Trades card and the Trade Difference card. 


Trades Card
The Trades card contains the Add Trade button, which allows you to add one or more trade vehicles to the deal. The card also lists the basic information for each trade vehicle on the deal. Each trade vehicle will be listed by stock number, year, make, model, trim, body, and color. The trade allowance will also be listed, as well as a payoff, if applicable. You'll also see the net trade figure for each trade vehicle. At the bottom of the card is the Allowance Total, Payoff Total, and Net Total for all the deal's trade vehicles combined. 

Click on a trade in the card to reveal the trade vehicle's Quick Look Card, which allows you to review the trade details. You can click the Remove Trade button to remove the trade from the deal or View Trade to open the trade vehicle pop-up for the full trade vehicle record. 


You can also click the View icon in the right column of the Trades card to open the trade vehicle record pop-up, where you can edit the vehicle information or remove the trade from the deal. 


Trade Difference Card
The Trade Difference card demonstrates the trade or trades' impact on the deal. The card lists the Selling Price, Total Trade Allowance from the Trades card, and the Trade Difference.


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