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Using the Vehicle Buttons in a Deal

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The buttons in the upper-right corner of the Vehicle page of a deal allow you to quickly perform vehicle-specific tasks for the deal. 


To learn how to use each of these vehicle buttons, click the button labels below:

Vehicle Insurance 

Open Vehicle Record

Remove Vehicle from Deal

Delete Vehicle

Adding Vehicle Insurance   

Use the Vehicle Insurance button to easily add your buyer's vehicle insurance information while building a deal. The button is also available while on the deal's Desking page, Buyer page, or Trade page, but the directions below refer to its location on the Vehicle page of a deal. 

Step 1. Open or start a deal. 

Step 2. Click the Vehicle button under the Deal Summary Card to open the Vehicle page of the deal. 

Step 3.  Click the Vehicle Insurance button in the upper-right corner of the page. 


Step 4. The Vehicle Insurance pop-up will open. Select the buyer's Insurance Company and Insurance Agent, as well as the Vehicle Policy information. When you've finished, click Save and Close.

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Opening the Vehicle Record

Click the Open Vehicle Record button to view the deal vehicle's full record in the Vehicle App.


Important:  When you click the Open Vehicle Record button, you will be taken from the deal in the Sales app to the Vehicle app, where the record will open. To return to the deal, you'll have to reopen the Sales app and recall the deal from the Deal Search screen. 

Step 1. Click Open Vehicle Record in the Vehicle Actions menu. You will be taken from the Sales app to the Vehicle app, where the deal vehicle's record will open. 

Note:  You can edit much of the selling vehicle's record directly on the Vehicle page of your deal using the button bar that opens below the selling vehicle's Vehicle Summary Card.

Step 2. While in the vehicle record you can review and edit the various pages. Be sure to save any changes you make.

Step 3. To return to the deal, click the Sales app button in the main navigation bar. Your previous search terms will be retained so you can easily recall the deal and continue working. 

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Removing a Vehicle from a Deal

If your buyer changes their mind about the deal vehicle and wants to remove the vehicle from the deal and add a different vehicle, use the Remove Vehicle from Deal button.


Step 1. Click Remove Vehicle from Deal

Step 2. The Remove Vehicle pop-up will open, asking you to verify that you want to remove the vehicle. Click Remove Vehicle to continue. The vehicle will be removed from the deal.

Step 3. You will be returned to the Vehicle page of the deal, where the Vehicle Search feature will have replaced the previous deal vehicle's information. Use the list to select a new deal vehicle. 

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Deleting a Vehicle

You can easily delete a vehicle from the system directly from a deal with just a few clicks. However,  the vehicle must have the status of "Sold" for the button to be active.


Note:  Only users with appropriate roles or permissions may delete a vehicle from the system. 

Step 1. Click Delete Vehicle.

Step 2. A pop-up will as that you verify you want to delete the vehicle. Click Delete. The vehicle record will be deleted. 

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