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Using the Truth in Lending Tool

Autosoft -

The Desking page of retail, lease, and balloon deals contains the Truth in Lending card. This tool allows you to share with your customer a breakdown of their financing. 

The information in the Truth in Lending card will differ based on deal type. 

Retail Deal
The Truth in Lending card for a retail deal contains the number of payments, the monthly payment dollar figure, total finance charge, total dollar amount of payments, the total downpayment, and the total sales price.

Lease Deal
The Truth in Lending card for a lease deal contains the monthly payment figure, total deal payment amount, the dollar amount due, the disposition, and the total dollar amount of payments. 

Balloon Deal
The Truth in Lending card for a balloon deal contains the total number of payments and the dollar amount of each payment, the final payment amount, the total finance charge on the deal, the total payment amount, the total down payment, and the total sale price. 


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