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Selecting or Changing the Selling Vehicle on the Desking Page

Autosoft -

You can add or change the selling vehicle on a deal using the Vehicle field on the deal's Desking page. 

Step 1. Start or open a deal.

Step 2. Click the Desking button to open the deal's Desking page. 

Step 3. The Vehicle field directly below the horizontal button bar displays the vehicle that's been assigned to the deal or reads "No Vehicle Selected" if the deal still does not have a selling vehicle. Click the options button to the right of this field.

Vehicle Selected

No Vehicle Selected

Step 4. The Vehicle drop-down menu will open, containing the dealership's full inventory list. Scroll through the list to find the vehicle you want to add to the deal. Click on the vehicle to add it. 

Step 5. Click Save. A green "Success" message will verify that your changes have been saved. The vehicle information will be added to the Desking page and the other related deal pages. 


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